The Shadow Dance

26th November 2019 — 4


This story was originally written for a horror anthology. It didn’t make the cut so I’m popping it on the site. The publishers provided some useful feedback which was gratefully received and which I totally agreed with it.


Spirit Light

27th October 2019 — 1


This one is a bit of a failed story. It originally started as a writing prompt, but I blew right through the word limit and it all went a bit off-piste. Rather than bin it, given that it’s the Halloween season I thought I would finish it (1046 words).


White Rabbit

2nd October 2019 — 13


This is is my entry for the October 2019 Blog Battle.  Be sure to check out the other entries. This month’s challenge is to write a story incorporating the idea of a “clone” in a thousand words, more or less.  A little more (~1070 words) in my case.


The Sleeping Forest

10th September 2019 — 8


This week’s photo writing prompt courtesy of Sue Vincent’s fun #writephoto challenge is entitled simply “poised”.

I must admit I struggled to come up with a different take on this one, I found it difficult to get past the primaeval idea that the shadow was a reptile or arachnid, poised to strike. Let’s just say I spent a little too long staring at this hole.

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