Who AM I?

My name is Chris and I’m a 40-something, computer/sci-fi nerd living in Kent, UK with my partner Wen. We have 2 cats (Itchy & Scratchy) and as of late a dog (Archer). I have a love for technology starting way back when my parent’s bought me a ZX Spectrum, probably the best investment they ever made.

A bit of background

I spent 18 years working in the City of London initially as a technical support engineer, then a developer, then lead developer and finally a system architect specialising mostly in post-trade notification platforms. Which is a round about way of saying a digital plumber, connecting financial systems together. The majority of that time was spent working for a small company that ultimately ended up being bought by a much larger company, as is the way of the things in the city.

Before that I was a systems administrator at a college in Kent for about a decade which is where I also did a large part of my higher education.

Why the blog?

Well, now I’m semi-retired (or having a midlife crisis only time will tell) I’ve got plenty of time on my hands, to do some of the things I really wanted to do when I was staring out the window watching countless sunny days go by in London. Now if you are expecting a drug fuelled, world tour that would go down in history, I’m afraid you are on the wrong blog try John McAfee. This is a very British midlife crisis, so it’ll be more about the potting shed than gun running in south America, I’m afraid.

I started keeping a journal (before this blog) to record a number of events in my life, so that I could review them, partly as an experiment and partly because of … what was I saying … oh yes the old memory going. I shared the journal with friends and family who were interested and suggested blogging might be an interesting way to go.

Coincidentally I was doing a lot of WordPress work for family anyhow, so here we are these are my musings take them or leave them.