The Moth and the Flame

20th February 2020 — 10


This is my take on Februarys Blog Battlers writing prompt. This month’s word was “Vivacious”. I’m clearly spending a little too much time writing horror of late, it appears to be leaking into everything. Something I feel the protagonist of this story might be able to relate to. Be sure to check out the other great takes on this month’s prompt. (~980 words)


Hide and Seek

6th January 2020 — 4


Here’s my take on Carol J Forrester’s monthly speculative fiction prompt. This months prompt is a very intriguing photo with so many possibilities, I look forward to reading the other great takes to see where other writers have taken it (~1000 words).


Diabolical Demonist

9th December 2019 — 1


Well, this is a failed bit of writing. It was meant to be a drabble – i.e. 100 words. I blew straight through that with little hope of editing it back into line and to be quite honest I was having too much fun with it. Another failed experiment, but who says you can’t have a bit of fun on the way.