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It Calls from the Sea – Live Launch Event

22nd May 2021 — 0


I’m thrilled to be part of the live launch event for Eerie River’s Publishing’s new anthology It Calls from the Sea. On May 22nd I’ll be chatting about my story Brief Encounter. There’ll be plenty of giveaways and a live reading to whet your appetite. So, get on board and prepare to batten down because we’re going to be sailing close to the wind.


It Calls from the Sky – Live Launch Event

10th October 2020 — 0


I’m thrilled to be part of the live launch event for Eerie River’s Publishing new anthology It Calls from the Sky. On October 17th, I’ll be chatting about my story Thorn in my Side. There’ll be plenty of giveaways and a live reading of Tim Mendee’s story On a Wing and a Prayer to whet your appetite. Be sure to join us.


The Drake Infraction

27th June 2020 — 3


Here’s a bit of dark tale I wrote for a mirror themed monthly writing competition. Obviously, mirrors are a well-travelled theme in dark fiction and I think it’s a tricky one to write something really original. So instead, I’ve chosen to reflect some of the more common motifs. (~3745 words).


For Want

23rd April 2020 — 2


Here’s a bit of an amusement I wrote for a monthly writing competition themed around cursed objects. It didn’t win, which is not too surprising. I was up against some incredibly talented horror writers. I suspect it’s a little too niche to shop around so on the blog it goes. Let me know in the comments if you figure it out before the reveal. No sneaking a peek. Not one for the kids. (~1390 words).


Memories so Sweet

24th February 2020 — 6


This was originally written for the Blogbattler’s January 2020 writing prompt ‘bucket’. In the end, I went with a different story as I had several challenges with this one. It started as an exercise in free writing I’ll let you try and guess which bits those were 😉 Anyway, hopefully, I’ve managed to edit it into something that might make sense. It’s still a little bit odd, even by my standards. (~1000 words)


Spirit Light

27th October 2019 — 1


This one is a bit of a failed story. It originally started as a writing prompt, but I blew right through the word limit and it all went a bit off-piste. Rather than bin it, given that it’s the Halloween season I thought I would finish it (1046 words).


White Rabbit

2nd October 2019 — 13


This is is my entry for the October 2019 Blog Battle.  Be sure to check out the other entries. This month’s challenge is to write a story incorporating the idea of a “clone” in a thousand words, more or less.  A little more (~1070 words) in my case.