The Drake Infraction

27th June 2020 — 3


Here’s a bit of dark tale I wrote for a mirror themed monthly writing competition. Obviously, mirrors are a well-travelled theme in dark fiction and I think it’s a tricky one to write something really original. So instead, I’ve chosen to reflect some of the more common motifs. (~3745 words).


Memories so Sweet

24th February 2020 — 6


This was originally written for the Blogbattler’s January 2020 writing prompt ‘bucket’. In the end, I went with a different story as I had several challenges with this one. It started as an exercise in free writing I’ll let you try and guess which bits those were 😉 Anyway, hopefully, I’ve managed to edit it into something that might make sense. It’s still a little bit odd, even by my standards. (~1000 words)


Spirit Light

27th October 2019 — 1


This one is a bit of a failed story. It originally started as a writing prompt, but I blew right through the word limit and it all went a bit off-piste. Rather than bin it, given that it’s the Halloween season I thought I would finish it (1046 words).


White Rabbit

2nd October 2019 — 13


This is is my entry for the October 2019 Blog Battle.  Be sure to check out the other entries. This month’s challenge is to write a story incorporating the idea of a “clone” in a thousand words, more or less.  A little more (~1070 words) in my case.