Short Stories

Find below a selection of anthologies from a range of great publishers that have featured my horror, fantasy, and sci-fi short stories. If like me you love the tactile feel of a good book in your hand be sure to order a copy.

May 2021

It Calls from the Sea

Eerie River Publishing

It Calls From the Sea is an all-original anthology of twenty brutal tales of horror from the deep blue sea. Eerie River brings you another round of insatiable horror. There is no end to the terrors we have in store and there is nowhere left to hide. Get comfy, this is going to be a wild ride.

May 2021

Candy Capers

Raven & Drake Publishing

Get ready to delve into candy-filled worlds full of lollipop trees and chocolate rivers. Marshmallow marshlands and jellybean paved roads. Bubblegum trees and gingerbread houses. Prepare to battle peppermint witches, cotton candy monsters and sugar-fuelled squirrels.

These authors take us on sweet-filled journeys all in aid of the Brain Tumour Charity. Keep your toothbrush at the ready as you settle into these sugary sweet candy adventures.

April 2021


Black Hare Press

Manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury.

April 2021

New Tales of Old

Raven and Drake Publishing

Everybody loves a good tale of old, from the fairytales of Grimm to Greek and Norse mythology. And even the more obscure local legends from all around the world. In New Tales of Old an abundance of writers take some of their favourite tales of old and put their own unique twist on them.

April 2021

Death House

Raven and Drake Publishing

You know the house. The one at the end of the road down the long driveway that seems to have a permanent shadow hanging over its head. One that sends shivers up the spines of people who pass as they quicken their pace and bow their head in the hopes nothing will happen to them. The one that is the gossip of the water-cooler, yet no one really knows why.

March 2021

Avenge: A Superhero/Supervillain Anthology

Black Hare Press

If you’ve only ever exposed to mainstream superheroes and supervillains, or this is your first foray into fantasy cape-wearers, you’re bound to love these authors’ takes on the genre—adventure, horror, and wonder fiction in five hundred words.

February 2021

Discordant Love Beyond Death

Beyond Death Publishing

Love takes on many forms, as does death, and this anthology features twenty-two stories that dance the line between Dark Affection and Paranormal Romance, where death is not the end but merely the start of some truly original tragedies, tales that will often stop you dead in your tracks, challenging your preconceptions of what is right and wrong, before allowing you to return and continue reading.

February 2021

Rowan & Oak

Iron Faerie Publishing

Rowan & Oak is a compilation of fantasy, horror and speculative fiction drabbles and flash fiction from authors worldwide. Within its pages, you will find stories set to enchant or scare. Dive into the magic and macabre of these 50+ tales in Volume Two

February 2021

Midnight Shadows: Tales From the River Volume One

Eerie River Publishing

Featuring 24 tales of horror, this disturbing anthology holds nothing back. Presenting the best of what the horror genre has to offer, from physiological to body horror, these stories will satisfy all of your sordid horror-loving needs. Delve into the pages and discover starving zombies, eerie witches, haunted houses, bizarre carnivals, just to name a few. But beware, there is evil lurking among the shadows.

January 2021


Iron Faerie Publishing

These are not your average wizards. What happens when you combine Wizards and Speculative Fiction? You get a great many stories of wonder and intrigue with a dash of magic and sci-fi thrown in for good measure. Because not every spell goes to plan.

December 2020


Black Hare Press

Ever wondered what the world would be like if you could travel to a different point in time? What could you fix? Where would you go? When would you go?

Lose a few hours as you explore limitless time.

November 2020


Black Hare Press

In a world where biology and technology mix, anything is possible.

Biopunk—a hybrid of biotechnology or biology and punk—is a subgenre of science fiction much like cyberpunk but focussing on the implications of biotechnology and synthetic biology. From bio-hackers to biotech mega-corporations, to manipulation of human DNA by governmental despots, we examine the darker side of genetic engineering.

October 2020

It Calls From the Sky

Eerie River Publishing

When the danger comes from above, is there anywhere safe to hide? Twenty-four terrifying tales ripped from your nightmares make up this collection of horror from the “Sky”

Eerie River Publishing brings you another round of exceptional horror by award-winning authors from around the globe.

Coming January 2021

Zero Hour 2113

Black Hare Publishing

London, 2113 – racked by riots, and ruled by corporations, London has grown to house over twenty-million people. Its limits stretch across the south-west of England. Pollution chokes the skyline, hiding the stratoscrapers of The Mile, London’s exclusive center, from sight; though its gaudy neon signs penetrate the smog. Place your fingers on London’s mechanical pulse, and you’ll detect a skip in its rhythm. Over it all, AdTechnika watches, a cybernetic spider surveying its web. They see all. They know all. In London 2113, anything can happen in twenty-four hours. Zero Hour approaches.

August 2020

It Calls From the Forest - Volume 2

Eerie River Publishing

They warned us not to enter, but we didn’t listen. The call too strong to ignore. And now there is no one left to save us. Beware, these things within the forest will rip out your heart and devour your soul. You will tremble as they revel in your madness, taking everything from you and leaving you with nothing. Delve inside this anthology of what truly lurks within the shadows of the trees.

Eerie River Publishing brings you another round of exceptional horror by award-winning authors from around the globe. This collection features 25 terrifying tales ripped from your nightmares. You will never want to go camping again.


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