C25k – Week 1 – Run 1

16th May 2018 — 0


This is going to be a breeze ALL I have to do is run for 8 minutes, how hard can that be? Even easier it’s 60 second’s with 90 seconds cool down. This is going to be a bit of fun. I’ve checked out the app and we’ll be going with the default Laura voice coach. The thought of Sarah Millican calling me out for a being a Southern Fairy was a bit of a concern, and I don’t think myself and Ben Johnson are probably approaching running from quite the same  perspective.

30 long minutes later …

Oh my god reality has come crashing in, all those years on the couch have clearly taken their toll. It f****** hurts, my feet feel like I’ve been crucified, lungs are burning at the unnatural and unreasonable demands and my stomach made it’s displeasure clear with a rising wave of nausea at the end of each run, not to mention the moobs thwacking on my rib cage with every step. In a word, disaster.

I thought, that getting to the point of walking 20+ miles a week would have counted for something in terms of stamina, it honestly didn’t. I realised that after the first 60 second run. Walking rarely get’s your heart racing and lungs burning, it was a very rude introduction to what I assume everyone else calls Cardio.

I honestly couldn’t believe how unfit I was, I was struggling to keep running for each of the 60 seconds and I wasn’t recovered by the time the 90 seconds was up. By the half way mark I was really struggling, I can understand why this is considered the hardest run. On top of getting up the motivation, actually getting out in the field and then the realisation of just how difficult it was it was a very rude awakening.

The only saving grace was at least I did it. Somewhere in the back of my mind were all the videos of people who went through the same experience and did it and many were starting from a far tougher place than I was. So I’m not going to quit, but when are these endorphins meant to start kicking in?

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