DLBD Kickstarter

6th September 2019 — 4


Here we go, the revamped Discordant Love Beyond Death Anthology has launched on Kickstarter. I’m so excited that one of my first short stories will make it into print. I’m especially honoured, given the calibre of the other authors that have contributed their dark twisted tales. I honestly can’t wait to read them, but possibly not before bedtime. Big thanks to Dickon over at Beyond Death Publishing. He’s done an amazing job on the new cover art, as well as all the promotional material that goes along with such a launch.

Regular visitors to the blog will know I love the challenge of a great writing prompt, and they don’t come any more intriguing than “Love after Death”. I think you’ll agree, its a great open-ended prompt that offered so many possibilities, especially when you consider the many forms of love beyond the obvious romantic angles:

Love takes on many forms, as does death, and this anthology features twenty-two stories that dance the line between Dark Affection and Paranormal Romance, where death is not the end but merely the start of some truly original tragedies, tales that will often stop you dead in your tracks, challenging you preconceptions of what is right and wrong, before allowing you to return and continue reading.

If that sounds like your cup of tea why not head over to the Kickstarter page and show some support for an indie publisher by snagging your copy today. You’d be mad not to when there’s 50% off the first 50 paperbacks 😉