Time to Heal

13th September 2019 — 8


This week’s writing prompt courtesy of Carrot Ranch’sFlash Fiction Challenge is to write a 99-word story (no more no less) that includes the “greatest gift“. When you sit and think about it, we have so many gifts. Some are not always obvious and some can appear to be more like curses. This may not seem like the greatest of them until you need it!


The Modern Medusa

9th September 2019 — 4


This writing prompt is courtesy of Carol J Forrester’s new September Speculative Fiction Prompt. This is not a new prompt, I understand we have D Wallace Peach to thank for its creation and that Carol has picked up the baton. If this month’s image is anything to go by it looks like it’s in safe hands.

The challenge is to write a piece of speculative fiction on the intriguing dark photo. No word length or style limits. I’ve gone with a bit of a classically inspired modern comedy. I’ll leave up to you if it works. I can’t wait to read everyone else’s takes.


The Shield

5th September 2019 — 7


This is is my entry for the September 2019 Blog Battle.  Be sure to check out the other entries. This month’s challenge is to write a story incorporating a  “Shield” in a thousand words, more or less.  A little more (~30 words) in my case. I hope it entertains and if you haven’t already, why not consider having a go yourself?

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