Time to Heal

13th September 2019 — 9


This week’s writing prompt courtesy of Carrot Ranch’sFlash Fiction Challenge is to write a 99-word story (no more no less) that includes the “greatest gift“. When you sit and think about it, we have so many gifts. Some are not always obvious and some can appear to be more like curses. This may not seem like the greatest of them until you need it!


With You Shortly

12th September 2019 — 15


This week’s photo writing prompt courtesy of Sue Vincent’s fun #writephoto challenge is entitled simply “reaching”.

Much of the inspiration for this, came from the repeated phrase “I will not sit and wait for a break in the clouds” from the stunning track “Break in the clouds” by Frightened Rabbit. It literally started playing as I sat down to write, and unconsciously I’d taken a counterpoint perspective. I then got a few paragraphs in and realised it was turning into a poor imitation of H.G.’s Well’s – Time Machine and decided to have some fun with it.