The Old World

26th August 2019 — 2



The Old World

26th August 2019 — 2

Another writing prompt courtesy of Carrot Ranch’s weekly Flash Fiction Challenge. This week, write a story about “old world charm” in exactly 99 words. No more no less.

Disembarking from the ship she was utterly overwhelmed. The old world was more than she had ever imagined, an assault on her senses. The air was thick, pungent, with the promise of culinary adventure. Countless bustling stalls, nestled in the shadows of the old brick buildings that lined the dock. And oh my it was so bright, so vivid, the green of the trees, the blue sky, everything!

She stumbled and fell from the gangplank onto hard cobbles.

“Whoops, are you ok?”, a helping hand reached down, “First time on Earth? Don’t worry we all trip the first time.”

Cover image courtesy of Elijah G


  • Charli Mills

    29th August 2019 at 12:06 am

    Chris, what a wonderful description of what the character finds on arrival and then the trip an interaction expand the fun of the piece.


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