The Moth and the Flame

20th February 2020 — 10


This is my take on Februarys Blog Battlers writing prompt. This month’s word was “Vivacious”. I’m clearly spending a little too much time writing horror of late, it appears to be leaking into everything. Something I feel the protagonist of this story might be able to relate to. Be sure to check out the other great takes on this month’s prompt. (~980 words)


Kicking the Bucket

21st January 2020 — 9


This is my second attempt at the BlogBattler’s January writing prompt “bucket”. My first effort proved to be a little too experimental even for my tastes. I might yet find a way to fix it and if I do I’ll post it. In the meantime, my second attempt is in every sense shit (~1090 words, a tad over the limit).


Bloody Butterflies

13th January 2020 — 0


Here’s my take on Peter Wyn Mosey’s – writing prompt #18. Thanks, Peter, I went with the 2nd writing prompt “Small things have the biggest effects”. There’s a bit of serendipity at play here as the idea for this came to me while walking Archer this morning. When I saw the prompt well … it spurred me on to scribble something down. (~450 words).