It Calls From The Forest: Volume Two

7th August 2020 — 4



It Calls From The Forest: Volume Two

7th August 2020 — 4

It’s launch day for It Calls From the Forest: Volume Two and I’m over the moon that my story The Valley of the Shadows is amongst the twenty-five top-notch horror stories in this brilliant anthology. Get your copy today.

There is evil in the woods and it wants you dead. They warned us not to enter, but we didn’t listen. The call too strong to ignore. And now there is no one left to save us. Beware, these things within the forest will rip out your heart and devour your soul. You will tremble as they revel in your madness, taking everything from you and leaving you with nothing. Delve inside this anthology of what truly lurks within the shadows of the trees.

Kendall Reviews called it “Dense, powerful, emotional stuff.” Saying “Leave your compass behind, because you’ll want to get lost in these pages for days.”

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The Valley of the Shadows

Without giving away too much this tale came to me as many stories do while out walking the dog. Picture the scene, early morning mist still covering the dewy fields, the sun rising behind the woods casting long shadows that stretch out like shadowy fingers. You get the picture. Throw in some illegal logging on sacred land and, of course, an ancient unspeakable evil, shake well for four thousand words and serve ice cold. You’ll think twice before stepping into the shadows.



A huge thanks to the hard-working folk over at Eerie River Publishing for giving so many authors an opportunity to realise their dreams of seeing their stories in print. If twenty-five stories of horror fails to sate your appetite be sure to pick up Volume One of It Calls from the Forest. I’m doubly blessed to have a story in the next anthology It Calls from the Sky later this year so be sure to check that out as well.


    • Chris

      8th August 2020 at 3:18 pm

      Thanks, Chris. Can’t wait to have my copy in hand. I’ve got a space on the shelf already picked out 😉


      • Chris Hall

        8th August 2020 at 3:30 pm

        Excellent! It’s so exciting seeing your own words in print. Enjoy the moment!


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