It wasn’t me

18th October 2019 — 2



It wasn’t me

18th October 2019 — 2

Here’s my crack at Peter Wyn Mosey – writing prompt #3. If you haven’t checked out Peter’s site it’s well worth a visit, he’s a hugely talented writer.

This is a bit of fun, I went with the “It wasn’t me!” prompt. You will need to read this one twice, it might only be 165 words, but there are 330 words of story. Having read the last line continue from the first line 😉

“It wasn’t me!” I said, although it was a lie. It wasn’t the first lie in this therapy session. The straight jacket was probably a bit unnecessary.

“Who was it then?” she asked calmly. She never looked up. She was forever scribbling in her precious notepad.

I was growing tired of this. “Does it matter? We’ve covered this before.”

“Why don’t you tell me again.”

“I’d rather not.”

More mad scribbling. If she’d just look up and actually engage with me, at least make eye contact, maybe we would make some progress. Not that she cared.

“It might help,” she said, totally oblivious to my frustration.

It wasn’t like my story was going to change. “Ok, where do you want to start?”

She flicked back to the first page of her notepad. “Shall we start back at the beginning?”

Here we go again! “Okay”

She deftly picked up a different coloured crayon with her feet.

“Why did you have me committed?” she said, grinning maniacally.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


  • Violet Lentz

    18th October 2019 at 2:38 pm

    nice write and thanks for the heads up on another blogging site. Enjoyed it all around.


  • Ol' Big Jim

    22nd October 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Well! I didn’t see that coming! Excellent piece!


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