C25K – Week 1 – Run 3

21st May 2018 — 0

It wasn’t pretty but I got it done. It started to rain during this session, and I honestly didn’t care, if anything I hoped it would cool me down or at least hide the sweat.

I’ve got into the mindset that I’m out here until Laura is done with me, no matter what.

Something is happening because I got to the 6th run before I started to struggle, which is a big improvement over the first run. I’m not sure I’m getting fitter (that quickly) I suspect it’s more likely I’m just finding better ways of coping with the physical/mental stress.

My feet are still killing me I think I might need to look into some different running shoes this can’t be normal. Walk 3, 4 and 5 are proving more difficult for me than running. When I started walking (i.e. back in the winter at 20+ stone) the first few walks my calves would kill me in the same way, in that instance it seemed to be lactic acid build up. I guessed that moving that amount of weight is more an anabolic exercise. If I sat down for a couple of mins let it subside I could then go on and walk miles with no other problems, just that first few minutes. I think my feet might be having a  similar problem.

So that was week 1 and it’s been a wake up call, I had no idea how unfit I really was. I always thought if I had to I could run if necessary, the fact is not that far or fast. Next week is a bit daunting I’m pretty sure I can run for 90 seconds but I’m not convinced I could do it repeatedly, I guess we’ll see onwards to Week 2 (1 down 8 to go).


Let’s talk about playlists. When Laura isn’t giving instructions or words of encouragement I like to listen to music. I already had several eclectic playlists and there are two things I’ve spotted:

  • almost every other track in my playlist “suddenly” has some reference to running in some form. And no it’s not because I’ve got Kate Bush’s Running up that Hill on repeat. Luckily most of the tracks are positive.
  • god help me if I hit a Rocky track, it’s fatal. The heart rate goes up, I strut along imagining I’m running through the streets of Philadelphia wasting precious energy left right and centre and turn a nicely under control jog into a nightmare slog.

I’ll make a point of documenting some of these running re-imagined tracks for future runs.

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