C25K – Week 3 – Run 3

15th June 2018 — 0

Good run (if there is such a thing) I’ve taken to walking around the field first which is about a 15 minute walk before starting the program and extending the cool down walk as well. Mainly because it’s summer and it’s just nice to be out but also to really stretch my legs.

I’m definitely improving over the week, I only started to puff and pant in the last 20 seconds or so of each run. Mentally focussing on just optimising my running is definitely helping.

I have to say week 3 has been better than the first two weeks as I prefer that it’s only 4 runs vs 8. Yes they might be longer but being half way done after 2 runs is psychologically easier. It’s amazing the lies you tell yourself.

I’ve also spotted what I thought was a new muscle on my leg. It definitely wasn’t there before and it is between the calf on the back of my leg and the ankle, slightly on the side. Turns out it’s the Soleous muscle and it runs the entire length of the lower leg and seems to be quite important for endurance running and pumping blood around the foot and ankle. So there’s a very physical sign I must be on the right path.

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